Andy Helps You Read iPad app is the solution to improving your child’s reading skills. Created by teachers for K-6 elementary students, Andy Helps You Read is a Super Amazing kids reading improvement program! You Get All This For Only
•20 Lessons of sight-word, flashing practice and story reading exercises.
•Parents Place video giving parents tips and strategies to help your child read better.
•Andy’s Helpers video shows your child how to do the exercises.
•A Certificate of Achievement that can be framed and hung on the wall when all 20 lessons are completed. What Moms Have To Say About Andy
Excerpts from Moms who have reviewed Andy
“Andy Helps You Read is not a fly-by-night learning tool.” Cynthia smartappsforkids “While not as flashy as many earlier reading programs, the app does a solid job of helping learn how to read.” Stacy bestappsforkids “Sight words need to be learned by sight and this exercise is a great way to work on that skill quickly and regularly.” “In addition, these simple look, memorize and reproduce activities help grow a child’s visual motor integration.” Jayne teacherswithapps Buy Andy Now And Start Your Child On The Road To Reading Success!
• 20 Lessons of Sight Words, Flashing Practice
 and Reading Story Exercises. • Parents Place video. • Andy’s Helpers video. • A Certificate of Achievement for your child. You Do Not Get: In-app Purchases • Banner Ads • Pop Up Ads • Monthly Subscription Fees How can you not afford 99¢ to help improve your child's reading?